Our Story

As the Most Trusted Outdoor Emergency Solution Provider, we have sold hundreds of thousands of products to help outdoor enthusiasts survive unexpected situations. BearHard found its journey in 2009. Two outdoor sports enthusiasts opened their own outdoor gear store, called Bear Outdoor,selling only well selected outdoor gear. In the winter of 2012, a blizzard trapped them halfway through the mountain during a mountain trip and they were forced to spend an unexpected night. Fortunately, the tiny and seems-unnecessary emergency sleeping bag protected them from severe hypothermia. However, they found the products were poorly designed.

Emergency supplies are essential in outdoor activities. "Why not make emergency supplies for true quality and better design?" They thought. Soon after that thought, Bearhard was born. As a start-up brand in 2012, Bearhard ushered in rapid development. A wide range of outdoor enthusiasts loved the products because of their better quality and design. Products line extended from a single emergency blanket, sleeping bag, tent, and so on. In 2017, after five years of deep research and countless customer feedbacks, BearHard fully upgraded all product lines. With the Guardian Series's introduced, we made our debut in the outdoor emergency supplies market. This innovative series is designed for hikers, trail runners, and outdoor enthusiasts to provide ultimate durability and function.

Ten years have passed since the humble grand opening. Now Bearhard offers a wide range of functional emergency blankets, tents, and sleeping bags, etc. We are proud to be the first choice for so many outdoor adventurers and bushcraft lovers. In the coming years, Bearhard will continue to unswervingly devote itself to improving products and pursuing the ultimate design to provide you with better protection.

Bearhard, Bear the Hard for you.